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Trenton Round Bar

            O.D.                  I.D.

10    10"x 10"x 5"         8"x 8"  

14    14"x 14"x 6"       11"x 11"

16    16"x 16"x 7"       14"x 14"

19    19"x 19"x 8"       17"x 17"

polished copper bar sink
copper round bar sink

Hawthorne Round Bar

            O.D.                  I.D.

14    14"x 14"x 6"       12"x 12"

16    16"x 16"x 7"       14"x 14"

18    18"x 18"x 7"       16"x 16

hammered brass round bar sink
hammered copper drum sink

All Available in Hammered or Smooth Finish.

Available in Antique, Burnished, Natural, Shiny and Matte Copper. Shiny, Matte and Weathered Brass. Shiny and Matte Nickel.

Call Sierra Copper to discuss custom options: 877.732.0382

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