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Windsor Single

                         O.D.                   I.D.

SC-WIN-25     25"x 22"x 10"       21"x 18"

SC-WIN-30     30"x 22"x 10"       26"x 18"

SC-WIN-33     33"x 22"x 10"       29"x 18"

SC-WIN-36     36"x 22"x 10"       32"x 18"

SC-WIN-42     42"x 22"x 10"       38"x 18"

Hammered copper kitchen sink
Double copper kitchen sink

Windsor Double Equal

O.D.                    I.D. 

SC-WDE-33         33"x 22"x 10"    13.75"x 18"

SC-WDE-36         36"x 22"x 10"    15.25"x 18"

SC-WDE-42         42"x 22"x 10"    18.25"x 18"

Windsor Double 60/40

                              O.D.            I.D. Left     Right

SC-WD64-33     33"x 22"x 10"   16.5"x 18"  11"x 16"

SC-WD64-36     36"x 22"x 10"   18.5"x 18"  12"x 16"

SC-WD64-42     42"x 22"x 10"   21.5"x 18"  15"x 16"

copper kitchen sink double bowl
triple bowl copper kitchen sink

Windsor Triple


O.D: 42"x 22"x 10"

Left I.D:    14"x 18"

Center:       7"x 16"

Right I.D:  14"x 18"

All Available in Hammered or Smooth Finish.

Available in Antique, Burnished, Natural, Matte and Shiny Copper, or Shiny, Matte and Weathered Brass.

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